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3 Band Equalizer&Piezzo-Akustik Penaup Blender+Phase Switch


ASE-BL is the Blender EQ for blending the acoustic sounds of Piezo pickup and Magnetic pickup. It features 3 Band EQ (Bass, Middle, Treble), Phase switch (for the Anti-feedback), Master volume, Low battery LED with Piezo- Magnetic blender.
- The Phase switch has two functions, one is the Anti feedback switch and another is the phase reverse effect on Piezo channel.
- Special character of ATE-BL is not only blending for the piezo and magnetic sound, but also Phase reverse effect on Piezo channel.
- When you push the phase switch to subtract(common mode reduce) the Piezo  and Magnetic phase,  you will have the light folk and crystal clean sound. In normal mode, Piezo and Magnetic phase will be add up so you  can have   the rich and warm sound while you are using blender.

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