Buffet Crampon E11 Mi bemol Klarnet

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Buffet Crampon E11 Mi bemol (Abanoz)

I n order to make the most of the tone of the entire range of clarinets in concert orchestras, composers are increasingly turning to the clarinet in Eb. 

Buffet Crampon has developed a student model of a clarinet in Eb in grenadilla wood. 

Its bore facilitates its ease of response, and this instrument, known as a specialized instrument, is becoming accessible to all musicians.


Key : Eb 

Pitch : 442 Hz 

Body : stained African blackwood, treated and lacquered for optimal protection 

Barel : 42,2 mm 

Keys : 17 

Rings : 6 

Rings : metal 

Thumb rest : adjustable 

Keywork finish : silver plated 

Springs : blue steel for ease and accuracy of key movement 

Pads : double fish skin 

Reference Tone Options Green Line BC2301 Eb BC2201 C

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